The Retro aims to become the PHP digital magazine. The aim is not to cater for a specific framework, CMS, or platform but to create content that can talk to all PHP developers. With content relating to all and any PHP systems being welcome on the site.

Currently, we’ll be posting one blog post a week. However, our plans are to expand and to create a platform that will provide valuable content to PHP developers we’ll be expanding how much content and what sort of content is created based on the number of email subscribers we get. Since there is no point in creating content and commissioning content to be created if no one is interested. Especially since we will pay our contributors and editing staff.


  • 1,000 subscribers and we’ll start approaching some of the greatest PHP developers around to their expert opinions available.
  • 25,000 subscribers and we’ll start creating video content.

Writing For Us

If you have a blog post that is PHP related and want to get paid money for it then you can contact us and we’ll look into publishing it for you.


  • You send us your draft
  • We review it and possibly ask for technical changes
  • Once it’s passed technical review it’s sent to the copyeditor to improve the readability
  • It’s sent to you for final review and approval
  • We send you money
  • We publish it